YOUNG THE GIANT : MIND OVER MATTER Released: January 21, 2014 by FUELED BY RAMEN ★★★

Mind Over Matter is a cool album - the second track 'anagram' is pop-rock at it's best. Sameer Gadhia, Young The Giant's front man, has a great voice and I can't get enough of it! Furthermore, this album has some great guitar riffs, solos and licks... combined with a plethora of really cool guitar effect make this album a listening pleasure. Drumming-wise it speedy, big, powerful and Francois Comtois has a penchant for double time... and I like it! There's also a lovely catch-your-breath tune in the middle called 'Firefly' which is well placed and one of my favourite tunes on this album. Sadly however, the tunes after 'Firefly' (track 7) are not as great as the tunes that proceed it. Overall a great album thats tapers off after Firefly.

Best Tracks:
~ Anagram
~ Crystallized
~ Firefly

Interesting Facts:
~ this Southern California indie rock band released their first album YOUNG THE GIANT in 2010
~ Young the Giant formed in Irvine, California, in 2004