BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB: So Long, See You Tomorrow (Universal Island Records 2014) ★★★★

So Long, See You Tomorrow is a very very good album full of clever and well-crafted tunes. This album won't grab your attention on the first nor second listen, however, it will slowly grow on you - much like the introduction of the opening track 'Overdone'. This album demonstrates a clever blend of light 'n' shade and, it is some of this album's more fragile and lighter moments that produce the most beautiful listening pleasures, like the tune 'Home By Now'. Well done BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB for this wonderful piece of work.

Best Tunes:
~ It's Alright Now
~ Home By Now
~ Whenever, Wherever
~ Luna
~ Feel
~ So Long, See You Tomorrow

Interesting Facts:
~ Bombay Bicycle Club's first big break involves winning a Battle of the Bands
~ So Long, See You Tomorrow is Bombay Bicycle Club's fourth studio album
~ Many of the songs for this album were written during Jack Steadman’s off-duty travels around Turkey, India and the Netherlands
~ Bombay Bicycle Club formed in North London, United Kingdom in 2006